Roll shaper massage in Aberdeen

Whose essence is proper and smooth circulation of vital energy in the body. As a result of stimulation of the corresponding points on the body through the meridians (energy channels) is the energy supplied to other parts of the body or internal organs.


The result is better nutrition and work cells and the regulation of blood flow and function of internal organs. Subjected to massage the skin becomes more firm and elastic. Definitely improves fat metabolism, improves metabolism in lots of skin, subcutaneous and muscle. It comes to improving the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system. This significantly eliminates the factors that play an important role in the formation of cellulite. Massage prevents such chronic peripheral circulatory failure, especially in the legs (called cold feet). Another positive impact of massage device Shaper Roll it up in the body release endorphins internal (so-called hormones of happiness – endogenous opioids). They attenuate pain, cause physical and mental feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. The end result is a positive impact on the body from the physical and spiritual.

Roll Massage Shaper made camera stimulates the lymphatic system to work, resulting in increased demand for organs nutrients and oxygen. Increases the rate of discharge from the body breakdown products, toxins and absorption of edema. With the increased throughput of lymphatic vessels gradually toxic substances are excreted from the body.

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It takes as little as one massage to experience the benefits of a Roll shaper!

Our clients report improved appearance and elasticity of the skin, reduced body fat and appearance of cellulite, stress reduction and general feeling of health and vitality. Learn how does a Roll shaper work


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You will need a t-shirt with long sleeves fitting to the body, leggings and socks for your massage. Just like going to the gym, but without sweating, just relax and enjoy a deep massage experience.


What will be the rewards?

Many people argue that the weight loss of 10% is not much, but scientists have shown that it provides tangible results. Also add a better feel and more comfortable life, climb the ladder, lean, tie shoelace or perform everyday tasks.