What is a good body weight? How should we pursue it?

Obesity is bad for your health, so it is important to maintain a normal body weight. The ideal weight is different for each of us. It depends on your body type, height, sex, age and a lifestyle.

Scientists have developed a Body Mass index Index (BMI). We can calculate a BMI by dividing the actual body weight in kilograms by height squared, expressed in meters. Each of us can easily determine your BMI.

BMI less than 18.5 kg / m – a low weight
Often result in osteoporosis and in women – miscarriages and premature births

BMI between 18.5 to 24.9 kg / m² – ideal body weight
Statistically the longest living people and the least suffering.
In particular, regarding cancer and circulatory diseases.

BMI above 25 kg / m² – it’s redundant
This is a signal to start counting calories and try to eat just enough.
Try to reduce daily calories by approximately 500-600. Physical activity is suggested.

BMI above 30 kg / m² – obesity
Need to gradually reduce a body weight up to the required value.
It is the best to do so under the supervision of a physician-specialist, nutritionist and Figura Studio guardian.

BMI index to obese person is 30 to 40 kg / m²
In this case, medical assistance is necessary and additional product use.
Exercise carried out only with professional supervision, as amateur exercise can be harmful.

BMI above 40 kg / m² mean massive obesity
Such persons may require special care – physician-specialist help,
the individual, balanced diet of strong medicines and even surgery.