Guidelines for diets
the clinical research reports



This is body cleansing phase, which takes 2 weeks. It is required to drink plenty of the mineral water – 2 litres per day. Necessarily in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before a meal drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice to wash all kinds of dirt. The diet starts with a defined number of calories, calculated by the dietitian or by you yourself, using the above recommendations. In this period it is necessary to avoid bread, potatoes, barley, butter, cream. Menu has to consist mainly from protein-rich products and vegetables.


This is a period which lasts until you reach the desired weight. This phase of the diet is very important to build dietician recommendations, especially if you want to lose more weight. It needs to establish the true value of the weight you want to achieve. It’s impossible to lead to disappointment. Must continue to comply with the recommendations made above. At this stage, gradually introducing one week to the so-called friendly carbohydrates, ie, one slice of rye bread with yeast, then a sweet potato or half cup of cooked carrots or cooked peas.


If you have reached your desired weight – congratulations! However, you can not rest on our laurels. This is even the most difficult stage, because on the one hand, the effect you are already satisfied and want to celebrate, but it’s a trap. It is now the body faster than ever, contrary to the diet may be required to return to the old size, that is, it will occur, its effect. So what do you do? The answer is simple – follow these guidelines. It is believed that this period depends on the risk of lost kilos, is calculated by multiplying 10 days of each pound lost, that is, if you’ve lost 12 kg, this phase should last for 120 days. If you ignore this part of the diet will despair because kilos quickly return. Why is this happening? The body, which quickly loses weight, feels a threat to biodiversity and enhances the feeling of hunger, so it’s important not to drastic treatment. The body will limit the maximum energy expenditure according to the rule: I get a little, spend little, chronic metabolic rate. Our body during this transitional period, much better use of calories because the body remembers the highest body weight and reach.

Therefore, it is important to seriously look into this phase of treatment, increasing physical activity (at least 3 times a week, one hour massage procedure at Studio Figura). You have reached the so-called new equilibrium point and the body must adapt.