Sustaining a new body shape

It is very nice to acquire new habits, because it is the only proper way to enjoy a success

The future begins now. You can expand your food menu and still stick to the principles of a good nutrition. Recount your IVEP (individual total energy demand) and do not exceed it. Following, are the results of a study, conducted by the National weight control registry in the United States with a large group (more than 4,000 people), which revealed six major long-term maintenance of reduced body weight, the following strategies:

Frequent physical activity support

Reduced fat consumption and eating lots of fibre

Eat breakfast (mainly grain cereals and fruits)

Check your weight regulary (daily or once a week)

To acquire new eating habits and use them on weekdays, holidays or vacation days

Respond to even small variations in weight before they become significant weight gain


Immediately after sustaining a new body shape,we have to put extra effort trying to save it.
“Physician clinical nutritionist Beata Feldmann”